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InShot Pro is a video and photo editing app for Android or Windows PC. Download the latest version of Inshot Pro APK MOD for free.

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This application is commonly used on social media to edit images and make photo collages. In the era of social media and the new generation taking over, everyone is urged to post pictures of the best quality and perfectly edited.

InShot Pro provides powerful filters, video effects, glitches, and a lot more. It happens to be an excellent App for video and photo editing without any professional software. The MOD APK has impressive filters, video merge editors, slideshow makers, video effects, and many more.

File Info

App Name InShot Pro
Latest Version v1.780
Category Video Editing
Supported Platforms Android 4.4+, Windows 11/10/8
File Size 57 MB
Price MOD APK is free
Downloads 1.5 Million +


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Features of InShot

Since its release, the App has turned the Internet into a storm with its inherent features and easy Application. Some of the features of this App are:

1. Easy User Interface

The App is extremely easy to use. After opening the app from the Home Screen, select my video and allow the Application to access your gallery. Also, if you wish, you can shoot a new video for editing. There are extremely impressive filters that the InShot Pro App filter provides you like- Snow, Night, Cinema, Film, and many more. Not limited to that, you can also text into your video or add subtitles to your video below.

2. Great video editing

The Application is great for editing videos and helps you cut and adjust the speed of videos with ease. You can use this video to create cooking instructions or pet videos. Also, the App allows to split or merging of large videos into small ones. You can cut, add, and export videos in Full HD resolution. For photo editing, you should get VSCO MOD APK as it is better for images, just like this app is better for video editing.

3. Add music to your videos

You can easily create vivid videos with the InShot App video editor and make them highly creative. Once you choose your best colors and effects, you can add your favourite music to your videos through your phone only. The app helps you customize the speed and volume of the music and the audio of the original video.

4. High-quality videos

If you are a social media buzz and use social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, you will find many people posting their videos using InShot Pro APK download. The Application helps you export high-quality videos and supports sharing videos to many popular social media networks.

Some of the advanced features of the InShot Pro are:

  • Creating videos from photos and music.
  • Cut, Merge, compress or convert videos with ease.
  • Splitting videos into several parts.
  • Exporting videos in different resolutions- Full HD and 4K.
  • Rotating the video 90 degrees.
  • Unique and stunning filters.
  • Making videos by inserting texts, animations, and memes.
  • Creating the video in slow motion or fast.
  • Adding effects, colors, and many more.
  • Adjustment with light and contrast.
  • Compressing videos minimise the capacity of the video, not the quality.

InShot Pro APK Download for Android

You can download the App via Google Play Store. This is a free version, so you can download it without the hassle of paying for the App.

Follow the steps to download the App:

  1. In the Google Play Store, search for the download button
  2. You will find a new page opening.
  3. Now select your required version to download.
  4. Click on the download button.
  5. Wait for the time till it downloads.
  6. After a few minutes, you will find your download is done.
  7. Open the downloaded InShot Pro mod APK.

It is extremely easy to install InShot Pro. You need to follow some simple steps to complete your installation.

  1. Find the Installation button.
  2. Now, click on the Installation button.
  3. Wait till your installation is done.
  4. Now, the app is successfully installed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is InShot Pro?

InShot Pro is a video and photo editing app that is compatible with Android or Windows PC. Many users on Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platforms use it to edit their photos and videos. If you have got to post a too-long video, you can cut and trim the video and make it more coherent.

Is InShot worth the money?

If you are an Instagram Influencer or Youtuber and you post a lot of Videos or Photos online then yes InShot Pro is definitely worth the money. But you don’t really have to buy it because you can get it for free from Finite Stars.

Can we use all the filters of this App?

All the filters can be used in this App. These filters and effects have provided be highly beneficial while editing photos and videos.

How much does InShot Pro Cost?

It has three price tiers:

  • $3.99 every month
  • $14.99 Each Year (With a three-day trial)
  • $ 34.99 for lifetime access (One-time charge)

How do I get InShot Pro for free?

You can download InShot Pro for free from the download link given above or you can also get it from Google Play Store. It is easy to download and install and you can use it for free with no hidden charges and in a hassle-free way.

Final Words

All in all, this is a very great app and if you are a content creator then you should definitely download InShot Pro. This app is hugely in demand and used mainly by Android users. It has fantastic features like Insert Text, Animation, filtering, adding visuals, Effects, Adjusting Video Speed, colors, and many more. These professional features make the App mostly in use, and it provides photo and video edit features both in one App.

When users want to make one video by merging many small videos, they can use this App that helps them do the work with absolute excellence.

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