How to lower CPU usage in Windows

how to lower cpu usage

The CPU or the processor is the main component of a computer system. Different hardware and software share it together to perform their designated task. While performing any task like browsing, video editing, gaming, etc. CPU processes the instructions and provide the output but while doing so sometimes it’s usage reaches to 100 percent due to some process taking a whole lot of usage. This high CPU usage makes other processes and the whole operating slow. So, what’s the solution? In the article, I am going to show some simple steps on how to lower CPU usage easily and run it smoothly.

Solution 1: End the max usage process using Task Manager

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + ESC to open task manager directly.
  2. Go to processes tab (default one only) and arrange the processes as CPU usage (just click on CPU tab on top).
  3. Now right click on the top most process (the one taking the max usage) and select end task, just as shown in the picture below.
  4. Check the total usage and end more tasks if the CPU usage remains high, just make sure you don’t end any of your work-related application. Ending tasks won’t hurt your PC, if you mistakenly end any important Windows task, it will start again automatically.

how to lower cpu usage


Solution 2: Scan for Virus from Anti-Virus

One of the most popular reasons for high CPU usage is a Virus running in the background and exploiting the resources. Viruses like Worms, Trojan, etc. runs in background utilizing the CPU usage. They generally replicate themselves, track information, transmit important data to hackers which harms the CPU usage as well as your privacy.

Installing a good antivirus helps reduce this problem by eliminating these viruses as soon as they enter the PC. But sometimes they may enter into the memory without triggering the antivirus, for that scanning is the best option.

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Solution 3: Update your Graphics Card

Graphics card is another important unit of a computer system, it can be an integrated or a dedicated card. Both of them delivers the video and visual output you see on your monitor. Sometimes due to lack of graphic card ability, it uses RAM and CPU to complete its task which burdens the whole computer and resulting in high CPU usage. This issue can be resolved by updating your graphics card to latest drivers. Or in some cases upgrading would be a much better option.

You can search the latest drivers for your Graphic card, just search its model number with “driver download” as the suffix on Google.

Solution 4: Check for Errors

Errors in Windows registry is also a reason for high CPU usage. You can run error checking by following the steps and eliminate if any error exists.

  1. Go to My Computer, right click on the (C:) drive (the one with Windows installed), select properties.
  2. Go to Tools tab and click on “Check” under Error checking column.
  3. Let it finish and after that check your CPU usage.

how to lower cpu usage

Solution 5: Restart you Computer

If none of the solution mentioned above works, then this will surely get your CPU back on its track. Just go to start menu, click Power, then click RESTART. Restarting the computer will end all unused application running in the background and give you PC a fresh start.


So, these were the easiest solutions for How to lower CPU usage. If none of the above solutions found to be working for you then I suggest referring to an IT professional. There might be some kind of internal hardware damage or some serious software issues which cannot be solved manually. Also, if you have a better solution then do tell us in the comments.

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