Electric or Automated Chess Boards in the Market

Our first advice, if your pretension is to learn to play serious chess, is that you think from the beginning to acquire a good game board of standard measures, such as those used in competition. It is also important that it is a chessboard with the printed coordinates. One of the table games that will never be disused and that will always be played is chess. This battle between pieces that move in different ways has conquered millions of people and now, with the help of technology, you can also fall in love with you, with the electronic chess boards that we offer you in this catalog and that you can buy by very little, having characteristics that will make you spend hours playing without stopping.

Electronic chessboard for learning

Chess indicated especially for those people who want to start living the experience of playing some games with another person or even with the machine itself, having everything necessary to play as professionals do. The pieces are made of good quality, in the same way as the board, in which you can store the pieces and all the objects so that you can place it in an area where it does not take up space. If you want to count the time of each movement, you can do it thanks to your watch, also contains training software that will be very useful.

Electronic and luminous chess with sensitive keyboard

If you want one of the best electronic chess boards that your children will enjoy more than ever, you have to buy this model, because it has features that will leave you speechless. It is a board that, on the one hand, you can play as with any other, however, it also has different levels of learning, with a total of 64 to learn to play step by step. It has lights and a mode that will indicate the movements that a piece can make so that it can be analyzed much better if it is advisable to perform such action or if you prefer to be more cautious. For its price, it is a perfect gift for any time of the year.

Electronic chess board with voice

One of the best models we have been able to find for those who are looking for a much more serious, more compact product, perfect for playing against the machine or with friends, this model has a voice mode in which each one will dictate of the movements that are being made so that you can listen to the classic codes that are used in this game.

Chess master electronic chess board

A very good board is what we have here, is designed both for adults who want to enjoy a game of this board game, as well as young people and children who want to get into chess. It has a beautiful and careful aesthetics, taking the chips as well as a screen on which you can see the movements that are made on the board so you can follow it on both sides. It has different levels of learning so you can do little by little knowing the steps to be a real professional of the board, winning not only the machine but also all your friends.