The Best and Strangest Vending Machines in Japan

If you’ve ever visited Japan, you’ll quickly notice that there are vending machines everywhere. If you’re craving a drink, some food, or ice cream, then it won’t take much looking to find a vending machine with everything you’re looking for, even if you’re somewhere remote. Rather than just a can of Coke, Japan has some impressive experiential vending machine for you to try.

Energy drinks

Japan is well-known for the long hours that employees are expected to work, which is why they have some of the most diverse energy drinks in the world. If you need a boost, then energy drinks are never far away.

Face masks

Japan is a very hygiene-focused country, with excellent bathroom facilities and wet towels given out before every meal to wash your hands with. You’ll also notice that many people wear surgical masks daily. If you’re feeling the need to cover your mouth or that you need some extra protection from the outside world, then you can easily pick up a face mask from vending machines.

Wine while you wait

Public transport in Japan is another one of their specialties, but the Japanese are also very enthusiastic drinkers. If you ever feel like you need a quick drink before your train arrives, then you may be able to find a vending machine with a shot of rice wine available.

One of your five a day

If you’re trying to get some additional fruit into your diet, then hunt out one of the apple or banana-serving vending machines at the train station. For only a few yen, you can get an apple in seconds if you’re in a rush for your next destination.

A change of clothes

Just worked a full day in the heat and feel a bit sweaty? Then, a t-shirt vending machine is what you need. Insert your money, and a balled-up t-shirt will fall into your hands. You’ll never worry about spilling food on your clothes again!

Grab a latte in a second

If you need a quick coffee but don’t have time for Starbucks, then this is the vending machine for you. Get a hot coffee in a cute Japanese-styled cup in seconds with the vending machines at the airport.

Something for the lady?

If you’ve had a long day at the office too many times, and your partner is starting to get annoyed, then a quick bouquet may help smooth things over. Head to the flower-dispensing vending machine and get something pretty for the love of your life!

A burger in the wall

Perhaps taking some influence from the Dutch, you can now get fast food straight from the wall. If you need a snack after a night out or a long day, then you can now get a burger, even faster than if you were to stop in at McDonald’s, from one of Tokyo’s burger-dispensing vending machines.

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